Here you will find resources to help make the beginning of your year spectacular :)

Free Font downloads available at Scrapbook Village

Birthday chart to print: Birthday Poster
Cupcake Birthday Graph Click Here

Magic Playdough...Here's the stickers I put on the containers for Magic Playdough. You can google the words "Magic Playdough" to see how different teachers use this wonderful resource :)

Beginning of the year documents for my classroom. Click Here!

Classroom Library Bin_Basket Labels

The sharing tree: put kid's names or numbers on cards backed with velcro. Kids can share by putting name/number on flower. Three share a day. Once you share, move your card to the leaves and wait till all on the trunk have had a turn to share again.

Books I like to use during the first months of school: ----
The Kissing Hand by Aubrey Penn Activities:==

Calendar Time- Morning Meeting Ideas:

Mrs. McDowell's ideas page

Name Games

Name Recognition ideas

San Diego Quick Assessment

Frog Glyph